Monday, 24 July 2017


some days you are more
than just a memory,
some days you are
a mirage with no trick
to catch,
some days you are as
hazy as our first kiss,
some days you grow
in my chest like a
pelting pain,
some days it's easier to
look at you with eyes closed,
some days i melt
under your skin,
some days i fear
your departure,
some days you leave me
notes with no love,
some days i scoup
from your fantasies,
some days I am as
delusional as your existence,
some days, you come closer
with no intent,
                                                                                some days I see you
                                                                                sitting on the moon,
                                                                                some days I breathe heavy
                                                                                catching hold of
                                                                                nothing more than my
                                                                                own forgiven conscience
                                                                                and that's when i know    
                                                                                that some days i dream
                                                                                a little too hard.

Image Credits : Artidote 

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