Thursday, 28 July 2016


" He kissed her, love it was to the fullest of his passion". She delicately rubbed the last pages of her favorite book with her puny fingers. Holding the book close to her bosom with a smile, she bestowed her emotions behind them. Lying in her cozy bed, she expiated the sagacity of the text, as passionately as the character of the book kissed his woman.
She was lusty of books but never of the life detailed. She held her cup, dry insipid coffee pertaining to it and traveled through stories captive behind her debilitated eyes. Stories she'd been a part of, characters she'd played and imaginations she'd suffered at the hands of those mesmerizing books. The very rusty aroma of the text indulged with the fragrance of the dead insipid coffee could let her apprehend the world, destitute. Compositions helped her conceal the dreaded realities.
Was it fiction ? It was, but not for the one who created them. Alas! not for the book girl.

Wagging Tongues

I have read certain male poets comparing a woman's tongue to a dog's wagging tail but how ironic it is that they fear being compared to the anonymous themselves. Such is the art for the wagging tongues of certain poets, Alas! not poetic enough. 

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


He painted me in jists but I have parts of me, parts of me that are left undiscovered, untouched by the gush of winds. Abandoned in corners of the world, they speak of who I am. Half, un-imagined he left me tattered without them. So I crawl and curl in my own vicinity, I hide my presence for absence left unaccustomed. I conceal the pieces he painted to find the pieces from a writer's mercy. I have parts of me, unanswered. Who made me? Who found me not? Who to blame? Who to find? 


Tuesday, 26 July 2016


And maybe I wasn't worth a thousand mistakes that you made but I was nonetheless a little more human than you. And while you were busy being the poet, I fell off the cliff each day to wake the lover in you, yet you travelled emotions through words but never through my heart. 
I turned into the woman who then travelled her own paths.