Sunday, 26 October 2014

She was a mirage

Hopelessly entangled, she was a little disturbed inside. Often misled by those she loved and encouraged by the love less. She cared not of the not's in her life but she seeked acceptance universally. Her careless self beguiled her seldom, to be all gay and gallant of thoughts she did not wholly perceive, to smile incessantly and dwell miserably. Oh! but she had an enigmatical face to balk others, frustrate their wits leading to faults they all despised. She had a magical smile that bestowed her insolent wisdom over her sinless mistakes. She had courage that contradicted her endless laments. She was beautiful to look at but shed pain, pain they could not endure. So they stared and gazed and looked but never went close for she was wretched. To them she was a mirage. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Parting Ways

They were ruined in their memories of togetherness,
grave were their hearts of this moment unjust
but smile they did in solitude,
smile they did in the past.
With a look of impudence
they walked on their paths
aggrieved and alarmed
but with a stubborn pride that lasts.
Their sorrows never subsided
they pressed it hard,
walking all alone on their respective paths
not looking back a bit, not a little
oh! so many emotions they slayed,
life and death
while parting ways. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Her eyes never blinked, nor pressed, nor squeezed
whether the rhythmic progression was smooth or ruffled
unlike a young maiden, she pretended not but shuffled,
neither did she carry a smile so sweet
nor did she laugh or moan or plead.
A rosy fragrance she possessed to lure the lover of her night,
each disclosed the prude, delicately untying her gite
but she was natural to gestures so soft
be it roses or rocks
or a gift more elite.
Oh! love
love wasn't what she need.