Sunday, 29 June 2014

Did love pass me

She surely came from heaven's above
for her beauty benumbed me.
Black lined her sagacious eyes
with each blink she appeared more serene.
Her cheeks appeared to have done a trick
they got its color from the rose.
Roses florid from the gardens of God.
Her wet tangled hair disturbed her
long enough to cover her chest
I patiently watched
water passing from her neckline to seclusion.
My sluggish eyes captured her every movement
every detail.
With beauty of a nymph she crossed my way
did love pass me ?

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Clatter and the Experiment

I could hear the clatter
she was on one of her experiments again
I was already fretful
the clatter and the experiment never goes well.
Last time
the noodles were like worrels down my throat
And before that
I gulped the spaghetti until it entangled with my intestine.
This time i smelled cassava
though it smelled good the risk was totally mine.
My thoughts were disturbed
when she entered smiling with a beer and her cassava dish.
My stomach just refused to sacrifice
scared, I finally spoke
just the beer would suffice.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dead Smile

He smiled at her, wide
fixing his gaze at a place she would never find out.
She smiled with innocence
frightful inside , she had a clue
every time he lured her with a different thing
then held her hand softly in private.
Sweet symphonies he used to sing.
Holding her hand
he made her walk to places undiscovered
until they reached their station
which was usually abandoned dark and covered.
His hands traveled through her body
blemishing parts she had not yet apprehended.
He uncovered himself too
making her forcefully explore his parts.
Scared she held her hand back
and he gazed into her eyes the barbaric way.
His hands scared her existence
misused and abused it.
With pleasure he played with her meekness
her cries reached ear's none other than his.
He took her back the same way
singing the same lullaby.
See you next summer holidays he said
she gave a dead smile. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Human am I ?
Then why not I feel a bit more ?
The demons that lie sacred
they peer through my being
inside my soul they sing an unholy song
they laugh at my meekness.
Inside me
they continue their colature.
Enormous sounds of fear
numb me, the pressed beatings of my heart
white, pale
my veins in disdain.
I see them turning me into a phantom
Slowly, a little more slowly
the sense gone
my demons won
I am a possessed man.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


At 12 she closed her eyes
To cut off from the world
There was darkness but no peace
Uneasy, restless she hurled.
She opened her eyes
There was darkness but no peace
At 1 she was still between her parallel worlds. 

Friday, 20 June 2014


I lay on one side of my bed
Curled, wide awake.
As moonlight scatter my seemingly dark room
It gives an illusionary effect.
The light acts as a pretty passage to my dark thoughts.
A passage to my world as if trying to illuminate my private thoughts
Revealing them, giving them hope.
It helps me sleep in peace.
Everyday I wake with a smile
My thoughts not yet disclosed.