Sunday, 3 September 2017


but darling,
there was a time
when i was so whole
my crevices cracked
of my fullness,
i am open for
you and them
to put my pieces
back in my grave. 

I like my men vulnerable

But then moments back, I was lost under the same sky you shunned away as yours? Are privileged are you in love?

They tell me you've been softer before
but breaking hearts is an art you learned
when women grew looser. Their exposure was as reckless as the emotions you clutch under your cold fists. I've been there, been sat on and crushed by a man who gave me slow breathless kisses but then went away to find happiness in women who fell in his arms, right after the ruin. Love making can be tough among strong men history teaches you to be.

But listen,
I like my men vulnerable, the one who looks into my eyes holding back his years of turmoil and love, the one who gives in the moment he sees my arms open, the one who kisses scared to be left by me, the one who isn't reckless but is careful of the falling rain on our sullen faces, the one who puts me to sleep when night isn't close by, the one who gazes at me from far off corners, the one who cries when hurt, the one who i can call mine, the one who softens every second of the life we share, the one who isn't tough when in need.
I like my men, the way they like me. Hopeless and vulnerable.

Artist : @artidote love